Twister Picnic Blanket

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Complete any day out with this fun Twister Picnic Blanket. A comfortable fleece picnic blanket, with a waterproof backing specifically designed for outdoor use, this is the ideal starting point for any day out with friends or family. When fully unfolded, the blanket is 140cm by 170cm, so provides plenty of room for a fun filled picnic with all the trimmings, and thanks to the waterproof backing you can be sure you'll all be warm and comfortable too.

That's only half the story though, because the Twister Picnic Blanket is more than just a functional setting for your outdoor lunch. Once the sandwiches have been finished, the real fun begins – the Twister Picnic Blanket comes with a miniature Twister spinner key-ring, so as soon as the paper plates have been packed away you can all have a great game of Twister, getting yourself tied up in knots for the rest of the afternoon.

Simply spin the miniature spinner, then follow the directions putting either your left hand, right hand, left foot or right foot onto either a red, yellow, blue or green dot as instructed. Then continue taking it in turns until only one player is left standing!

Perfect for picnics, camping adventures, festival fun, or even 'staycations', this is a traditional piece of outdoor equipment with added retro fun. A colourful blanket and a best selling activity game in one.